Born to stride!

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KDM-Pack Cycling Team vzw is a project in which unity is central. The KDM-Pack Cycling Team is one big family that shares the same passion! With our team we put the emphasis on “FUN”. With the KDM-Pack Cycling team it is the intention that cyclists who join us can get acquainted with cycling or find the fun in cycling. In our team you can find a very nice program in Belgium but also abroad, in combination with very good guidance. Our guides on and off the bikes are therefore happy to pass on their life experience which they have collected over the years in their backpack.


Can anyone join the KDM-Pack Cycling Team?
Here is the answer quite simple: yes! It is important that you are a person who carries respect and the necessary team values! But also from a logistical point of view, this is not always that simple. With our cycling team we are open to everyone who wants to get acquainted with cycling, but also to people who have already gained a lot of experience or who are returning from an injury/stopover. Although we are open to everyone, we do of course have a limit in terms of the number of members. Within the team we therefore have a number of pillars that you can find in our organization chart. For example, we have a group of riders who can enjoy a wonderful program with us and can certainly achieve some great results there, both during normal races and during interclub competitions (White Foxes). And in addition we also have a group riders who mainly want to profile themselves within the normal races or the affiliated associations (Black Foxes).


Can you grow from the Black to White Foxes?
Yes you can! Our principle is very simple. Anyone can start with us. This happens automatically with the Black Foxes, but as the season progresses and we see that you have more potential, we will sit together and see what your ambitions are. If these match, you can effectively end up with the White Foxes. Will anything change when I join the White Foxes? The only thing that changes is the fact that you can now ride bigger races. Our beautiful program that we offer to competitions is mainly for the White Foxes. Otherwise nothing will change!


How did the KDM-Pack Cycling Team come about?
Actually, this all started with a “stupid idea”. When our vice president simply opened the fridge he came up with the idea of ​​starting a cycling team. He found this support with the president, who needed a non-profit organization to organize cycling races (Stanza Die Making Young Ladies Tour). Both of them joined forces and the KDM-Pack Cycling Team is a fact!


The goal of the KDM-Pack Cycling Team is to help support cycling in general, both for men and women, in all its facets. For this, setting up a cycling team for men and women, organizing cycling races (Stanza Die Making Young Ladies Tour – since 2019), starting brother-sistership with foreign teams, ... are essential pillars in our structure!


No stress, Have fun! 



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Vanhaecke Ignace
2 jaar geleden

Graag had ik wat meer info gehad,
Kan ik mij inschrijven/ hoe moet ik dat eventueel doen, wat is de kostprijs

Arthur Soens
2 jaar geleden


Ik ben op zoek naar een ploeg voor volgend seizoen. Ikzelf ben onlangs gestopt met voetbal maar altijd graag bezig geweest met wielrennen. Ik ben nu nog deels aan het revalideren van mijn blessure maar mijn vraag is hoe werkt alles en hoe kan ik mij inschrijven?

Kurt Catteeuw
een jaar geleden

Graag had ik wat meer info omtrent lidmaatschap
Mvg Kurt Catteeuw.

Benny Willems
een jaar geleden

Hallo, willen jullie je mailadres doorsturen aub zodat ik de papieren van de Ronde van Vlaams Brabant kan doorsturen.
Benny Willems

Mia Williams
9 maanden geleden

Hi KDM-Pack,

I am Mia Williams, I am a 17 year old cyclist from Australia. 2024 will be my first year as an Under 23, and I am planning to travel to Belgium for 3 months (April to July).

In the 2023 Australian Road Season I finished 9th in the Australian National Championships Road Race and 8th in the UCI Oceania Confederation Championships in April. I am currently second in the U19 Australian National Road Series, and have numerous top 10 finishes in the Elite National Road Series.

I want to race with a regional team in French races and would like to find out how to join your women’s cycling team. My goals to travel and live in France will be to improve my cycling experience, experience living abroad, winning races and progressing my career towards elite cycling.

Can you please let me know if your team will be able to accept my application for 2024.

Kind Regards,
Mia Williams ( (

René Bakker
5 maanden geleden

Ik zou graag in contact komen met jullie vooral met de manager haeneback